I feel the need to have a constant loop of confusion and self-awareness come over my viewers. There exists a continuous push and pull within my work that reflects the viewer’s own inner desire to be near my work as well as a sense of disgust or discomfort while observing the work. Using a dark sense of humor and different techniques that enhance the works ability to mimic the human body brings these feelings forward within the mind of the viewer.

            The use of flesh tones, skin texture and hair relate directly to the human body and make the viewer more aware of their own body existing in space as well the people around them. A self-conscious feeling comes forward as they observe the sculpted rolls that may also appear on their own body. The hair generates reflections upon the areas of the body that people have come to view as socially acceptable to have or not have hair, such as the armpit, back and stomach. I hope that my work will give my viewers a sense of awareness of their own body and the bodies of the people around them.

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